Apple’s AirTag May Come To Android Users Sooner

AirTag is a tracking device developed by Apple and is designed to function as a key finder that assists people in finding lost items. AirTags are exclusive to Apple devices such as iPhones, iPad, iPod, etc., but this might be about to change.

Apple may soon launch an Android app for AirTag, a report by CNET said. This will allow Android users to be able to use the tracking device to find their lost items too. Apple is expected to reveal information about this development by the end of the year, says the CNET report.

AirTags are essentially Bluetooth-enabled devices that leverage Apple’s Find My Network that detects Bluetooth signals being emitted. Apple’s AirTag was first mentioned in April of this year and was made available for pre-order on April 23rd and eventually released on April 30th.

Apple has also reportedly released a new firm ware update for its AirTag. According to reports, the new firm ware update changes the way the tracking device alerts passersby about lost items. The new firm ware update has also modified the time frame for when the Bluetooth tracking device will alert users about a lost tracker.

With this new firm ware update, users will get notified about missing items 8-24 hours after they have been tagged missing. Previously, AirTags trackers only made notification sounds after three days of being lost. Apple’s designed it to function this way because it wanted to prevent a situation where users get tracked with the AirTag without them knowing.

Another feature of the firm ware update is that when an unwanted AirTag is found by anybody, they can easily disable it by tapping into it with their iPhone or any NFC-enabled device and following the displayed instructions.

AirTag being made available to Android users seems like a great idea but there is a huge possibility that companies like Google and Samsung are already working on their own version of AirTag.

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