Android 12 May Be Called Snow Cone, To Feature Smarter Auto-rotate And One Hand Mode

The long-awaited Android 12 is in the works and could launch before the end of the year. Rumors have it that Google may call this update Android 12 ‘Snow Cone’. The update is rumored to come with features like smarter one-handed mode, better auto-rotation, gaming mode, a ‘reduce bright colors’ feature, etc.

Android is the next update of the Android operating system from Google. Tech Experts say that Google might be calling this update the Android 12 Snow Cone because the update’s source code has references to ‘sc’ which experts believe is an abbreviation for Snow Cone. Besides, Google has a long history of using desserts-inspired names for their Android operating systems. Google has come a long way from Jelly Bean to Marshmallow, etc., so it is not impossible that the next update could go by Snow Cone.

Google has not officially come out to say what the new Android update would be called, therefore, we cannot totally believe any information that we see out there. They still remain rumors until proven otherwise by the tech company.

According to a report by 9to5Google, Android 12 could see an improvement in the auto-rotate feature. Auto-rotate in other Android version doesn’t work quite as much as it should, with Android 12 Google seems to be making a face-based option for auto-rotate. Expert say this feature could use the front-facing camera of a phone to determine the orientation of the user’s head and rotate the display accordingly. This feature would be very useful to users especially while lying down; the display would automatically change to suit them.

Another improvement coming with the Android 12 might be a dedicated one-handed mode. Users would be able to enable the one-handed with a gesture. This improvement should see a downsizing only along the vertical axis and bring options that are too far to reach closer. Users may also be able to set a time for which the one-handed mode would be active and exited when the time elapses.

Android 12 is also expected to have a new ‘Game Manager’ service. This was revealed in a statement by XDA Developers. The Game Manager service could automatically activate brightness, auto-rotation, Do Not Disturb mode, etc., as soon as a game is launched.

Experts say that Android 12 would come with a ‘Reduce Bright Colors’ feature because of users with visual impairment. This might come as part of Android 12’s quick settings.

Android 12 promises UI improvements, but for now all these improvements remain speculative as Google is yet to announce specific features to expect and a release date.

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