App Store Users Have Spent Over $100b Since The Service Was Launched In 2008

Apple says app developers have now earned over $70b from the App Store and if you consider that Apple shares revenue with developers on a 70/30 basis, it means Apple itself has earned over $30b from the App Store which also means users have spent over $100b in the App Store since its launch in 2008.

Apple also added that app downloads have increased 70 percent in the last one years with photo and video apps at nearly a 90 percent growth rate. Active paid subscriptions are up 58 percent year on year.

In 2016 alone, developers earned $20b from the App Store making that year one of the best on record for the App Store. This comes as there are rumours that Apple may even planning to give developers more to encourage them to build more for the App Store. Rumours actually have it that Apple could be considering an 85/15 split between it and developers. Developers though maintain that it’s still too expensive to launch paid services in the App Store and in some cases, services like Spotify have encouraged iOS users to cancel their iTunes subscription and sign up directly in order to avoid higher charges.

Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) starts today and we expect a series of announcements including a new iPad design. We’ll bring it all to you as the event unfolds.

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