Report Says Apple May Sign Deal With LG And Magna For Its Car

According to a report by The Korean Times, globally renowned tech company Apple may enter a partnership with LG and Magna for its highly anticipated Apple car. The report by The Korea Times also speculates that the partnership between Apple, LG and Magna will happen before the end of this year. The joint venture of the companies is said to be named “LG Magna e-Powertrain”.

With Apple as the primary client, the partnership between the tech companies is expected to kick off by the end of the year at most. After the deal is finalized, the LG and Magna automotive venture would then be able to manufacture the first Apple cars. According to rumours, the first set of Apple cars should be rolled out by 2025, if everything goes according to plans.

In the past, there have been quite a handful of rumours surrounding the Apple car. Quite recently, there were rumours that Apple was going to collaborate with Kia and Hyundai for its Apple car, but the companies were quick to refute these claims. Even if these were to be true, Kia and Hyundai are established global brands and would have still being able to collaborate with Apple without it affecting their business (which people speculate to be their concerns), at least in a long time from now. A partnership between Apple, LG and Magna is therefore more feasible as well as plausible. LG and Magna could simply be links in the car supply chain, giving freedom and reign to Apple.

In as much as collaboration between Apple, LG and Magna sounds believable, there is no confirmed news as nothing has been said in this regard by either Apple, LG or Magna. Although Apple has been working on producing a self-driving car since 2015 under the codename “Project Titan” since 2015, no one can ascertain when the Apple car would eventually be released and all we can do is wait and anticipate. The news surrounding the Apple car is just purely rumours because no one knows for sure, and until there is an official announcement from the company, no one will.

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