Apple Plans On Opening More Retail Stores As Part Of Post Pandemic Plans

Apple‘s iPhone continues to maintain an enormously strong demand from consumers. The Apple online store makes it even more convenient for excited consumers to buy the Apple products they desire, with online Apple Specialists available to help them with anything they need. Despite the success of Apple’s online stores, Apple plans on opening more physical retail stores.

The physical stores, according to the company, will be set up in places all over the world. Apple explained that while the online store is meant for giving detailed descriptions and information of Apple products to buyers, the physical stores will give buyers an ‘Apple shopping experience’. Apple wants buyers to get a feel of new Apple products and enjoy the shopping experience.

Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s Senior Vice President of retail said that “On our online site people can learn a lot about the products; in a store, they can touch them and get a feel for them. We intend to add more stores.” As some might have assumed, the company has no intentions of putting an end to its physical retail stores.

Apple stores are usually assumed to offer a higher quality of service and products. This causes long lines of hundreds of people at new Apple stores or product releases. Apple stores also exert influence over other consumer electronics retailers, many of which have ended up sidelined, and not making as much profit.

Apple presently has 511 stores across 25 countries worldwide, 270 of which are in the United States alone. Apple is yet to launch its retail store in countries like India, South Africa, and Nigeria.

Apple has grown to become one of the most, if not the most valuable company in the world. The company boasts of millions of customers around the world visiting its retail stores every day. The inside of an apple store often includes wide, open spaces with some combination of indoor trees, touch-sensitive sequoia wood tables and shelves for displaying products, large 6K resolution video screens for product marketing and community events, and lightboxes spanning the length of the ceiling. Shopping at an Apple store promises to be an indelible experience and Apple wants to bring this shopping experience to many people.

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