Watch: Google And Samsung Partnership In View As Apple Plans New Features

Google recently announced its partnership with Samsung on a new smartwatch OS at its I/O event. The tech company announced that it is combining its Wear OS with Samsung’s Tizen OS into an all-new OS for Android smartwatches. Experts are of the opinion that Google and Samsung, with their new-found collaboration, are trying to take over Apple which is the current market leader. Google and Samsung’s collaboration might not be a threat to Apple at all as Apple is set to release new features for its smartwatches and iPad.

The globally renowned tech giant and multiple-times market leader has announced impressive new features for its smartwatches and iPad. Apple revealed that these new features have also been designed while considering people with disabilities relating to hearing, vision, mobility, and cognitive abilities.

The company announced that starting today (May 20th), a new service called SignTime will become active to enable users to communicate with Apple Care and Retail Customer Care using American Sign Language (ASL) in the United States, British Sign Language (BSL) in the United Kingdom, or French Sign Language (LSF) in France through web browsers. Apple also announced that it plans on rolling out the same support to other countries around the world as time goes by.

Apple is set to release the software updates to support these features across all devices before the end of the year.

Apple plans on releasing what it’s calling Assistive Touch for its smartwatches. With this, people with limb differences can control their Apple watch; this takes away the need to literally touch the display and controls. Users will be able to answer calls, control an onscreen motion pointer, access notifications, etc., with Assistive Touch. “Using built-in motion sensors like the gyroscope and accelerometer, along with the optical heart rate sensor and on-device machine learning, Apple watch can detect subtle differences in muscle movement and tendon activity, which lets users navigate a cursor on the display through a series of hand gestures, like a pinch or a clench”, Apple explained.

Apple also explained that an imminent update on iPad will allow it to enable third-party eye-tracking devices. This way, users will be able to control their iPads using just their eyes. “Compatible MFi devices will track where a person is looking onscreen and the pointer will move to follow the person’s gaze, while extended eye contact performs an action, like a tap”, the tech giant explained.

How cool would these features be? Apple would be taking the game to the next step when these features take effect.

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