Apple Reduces Production Of The iPhone 12 Mini Because Of Poor Sales, Report Says

Apple is cutting down its production of the Apple iPhone 12 mini, according to a report by newsmagazine; Nikkei, Asia.  The report by the newsmagazine says that Apple is cutting production of the iPhone 12 mini by 70 percent for the first half of the year 2020. Although Apple’s iPhone 12 is the cheapest iPhone in the most recent iPhone 12 series with the new 5G hardware installed, it is obviously not the most sought-after in the series. When it comes to demand, the Apple iPhone 12 pro and pro max are the most sought-after in the series.

The following are reasons why people might not be buying the iPhone 12 mini as expected.

For a 5G phone that comes with a lot of coveted specifications like the camera, design, processor, and a host of other things, the Apple iPhone 12 mini is deemed ‘too small’ in size. ‘Consumers won’t have that very strong feeling about the differences between core processors and about 5G wireless communication performance immediately, but they can immediately see the difference in screen size. If it’s around the same price, many consumers would rather just pick the older iPhone 11, which has a larger screen, as they don’t yet expect much from 5G’, smartphone analyst with GF Securities; Jeff  Pu mentioned in the report.

The 5G technology consumes a lot of power. For a 5G phone, the iPhone 12 mini has a battery capacity of 2227mAh and is considered too small for a phone with such specifications. According to an expert at Isaiah Research, ‘The battery for the iPhone 12 mini is much smaller than the older iPhone 11, which is about the same price, and it’s smaller than the battery in the iPhone 12, which is only $100 more expensive. A 5G phone generally consumes more power, so consumers will be reluctant to buy a phone that, comparatively, does not have a good battery’.

While Apple might have estimated the sales of the iPhone 12 mini, it is still quite a great phone. According to the report by Nikkei Asia, Apple may have asked suppliers to stop making the components of the iPhone 12 mini. The report also says that Apple is reducing the general production of the 12 series by 20 percent with most of the reduction going to the 12 mini.

Although Apple beat Samsung last year to become the king of smartphone sales in 2020, ‘Apple is now targeting production of around 75 million units, slightly higher than iPhone shipments in the same period last year,’ says the report by Nikkei, Asia.

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