Apple Includes New Security Feature, Blastdoor To Tackle iMessage Hacks

Apple revealed yesterday that a new security feature has been added to tackle the issue of hackers hacking into its devices that rely on iMessage.

In 2016, a team of former US Government Intelligence operatives, who worked for the United Arab Emirates broke into the iPhones of diplomats, rival foreign leaders and activities, according to a report by Reuters.

This team of hackers used a spying tool called Karma and thrived on Apple’s iMessage system’s flaw. This tool was used to gain access into iPhones without requiring targets to click on any link or anything to establish a connection. There were cyber-attacks on journalists at Al Jazeera last year and the tool used was very similar to Karma.

The new Apple’s security feature is called ‘BlastDoor’. It works by processing incoming iMessage traffic and only sends safe data to the rest of the Apple’s iPhone’s operating system. This was explained in a briefing by Apple’s officials. The officials went on to explain that while BlastDoor is mostly not seen by users, it is very much present on iOS 14 which is the most recent of Apple’s operating systems for its devices. This briefing was held around Apple’s released of its yearly security guide for researchers of cyber security. The latest edition of the annual briefing had new details of how the numerous security features long existing in the Apple’s iPhone are being introduced to Apple’s Mac computer line. In November last year, Apple started to integrate custom-designed processor chips in its Mac computers after over a decade of getting their processors from Intel Corp.

Apple’s new security feature ‘BlastDoor’ is Apple’s attempt at providing a long-lasting solution at combating the wave of iMessage hacks that raved the iPhone. Apple promises to continue to put its customers at the epicenter of all what they do and make sure they are protected alongside their information. Experts say when Apple’s next operating system for its iPhone is released, it is going to be the safest version yet and people have begun to look forward to the update and all the features it promises to come with. Tech experts say that Apple’s BlastDoor is a great innovation aimed at ensuring cyber security.

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