Apple Sold The Most Smartwatches In India Last Year According To A Report

Apple sold the most smartwatches in 2020, according to a report by IDC India. This report also suggests that more people are wearing smartwatches and that smartwatches are becoming a must-have in India. This report also says that Apple smartwatches are what is causing the ‘smartwatch uproar’ in India. Since smartwatches became a trend, the watch segment in India had seen some commendable growth. According to the IDC report, ‘Watches saw a 139.3% YoY growth with 2.6-million-unit shipments in 2020’.

Smartwatches are devices ‘which can run third-party applications on the device itself’ according to IDC. The Apple brand is the number one brand when it comes to smartwatch choice in India. According to the report by IDC, Apple possesses a 51% market share in the smartwatch category.

‘The high cost associated with wearable watches is not much of a challenge anymore. Also, the watch form factor is now seen as more appealing to the consumers, and vendors will leverage this shift by further expanding their watches portfolio in coming quarters’, Jaipal Singh; associate research manager, client devices, IDC India, revealed.

Apple simultaneously launched two watch models in 2020, and this was the first time the company would be launching more than one watch model at once. The company launched the Apple Watch Series 6 (which is the successor of the Watch Series 5), and the Apple Watch SE (people refer to this model as the more affordable variant because of the lesser-than-normal price).

Apple is one of the biggest brands in the world with a market capitalization of more than $2 million and is expected to reach the milestone of $3 million soon. Apple has a long history of making products that are both effective and user-friendly. The Apple iPhone 11 and 12 series, for instance, are some of the most successful products ever released by Apple. The Apple smartwatch is very useful, especially in the time we live in, and the cool features each update keeps getting make the brand’s products a must-have for all. One amazing feature is the ability to unlock your iPhone while wearing a face mask with your Apple watch.

Apple also did announce free repairs for its Watch Series 5 and SE models recently.

Apart from becoming the most patronized watch brand in India, Apple did dethrone Samsung to become the king of smartphone sales, and you can find everything about it by clicking here.

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