South African Medical and Security Platform AURA Raises $4.7 Million In Series A Round

South African medical and security response platform AURA has raised 62 million rands, the equivalent of $4.7 million, in its Series A round led by MultiChoice Group (MCG) and plans to push its services to the global forefront. The round also saw the investment of Buffet Investment and KLT Holdings.

Founded in 2016 by Warren Myers, Ryan Green and Adam Pantanowitz, and is headquartered in South Africa. It is currently the leader in South Africa’s emerging security and medical response marketplace and plans to maintain the status globally. AURA came into existence to address the need for improved efficiency with South Africa’s Security sector; it is one in many instruments designed to combat the unending rate of crime in the country.

With AURA, users can get instant and unlimited access to the closest verified private and public security and medical response team available in their location. AURA’s services can be accessed using a smart device, internet or Bluetooth enabled device.

AURA operates by using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to oversee its system. This way, the closest responders are alerted and sent out in case of emergency or a distress call. Technology is changing virtually everything and the technology being offered by AURA is quite a game-changer; more lives can be saved and swift responses to medical emergencies assured.

AURA has built a network of trusted and highly reliable medical response vehicles. It currently works with a number of highly-recognised armed and emergency medical response providers. It claims to have about 400,000 active users on its platform.

Speaking about the company’s decision to invest in AURA, CEO of MultiChoice Group, Calvo Mawela, said that “to accelerate the evolution of our ecosystem by offering additional services to our customers, we are investing in scalable and innovative technology platforms like AURA. Not only does it strengthen our service offering and enhance long-term value creation for shareholders, it also drives economic development and job creation”.

The company expanded to East Africa and the UK earlier this year and plans to continue to expand to more regions, and thanks to the latest funding, these plans can be fueled.

“We are gearing some of the funding towards hiring top talent to head up each new region while growing teams in established regions – especially our tech team. This result is stronger relationships and value propositions for suppliers at all levels in the marketplace”, Ryan Green, co-founder of AURA said emphasizing on the company’s plans to expand and hire new talents.

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