Binance Halts Its Services In Russia

Last month cryptocurrency companies including Binance received please from the Ukrainian government to cut ties with Russia amid ongoing conflict. Binance alongside other crypto exchanges such as Kraken and Coinbase refused to adhere on the premise that a total ban on Russia was uncalled for. Binance said that it would not “unilaterally freeze millions of innocent users’ accounts.” The exchange, however, mentioned that it planned to ensure compliance with sanctions.

On Thursday, Binance announced that it is deactivating the accounts of its major clients in Russia. The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange platform said that it was halting its services in the country in compliance with sanctions from the European Union.

Individuals, Russian nationals, and other Russian entities such as companies that are holding more than 10,000 euros, the equivalent of $10,900, would be banned from making trading and making new deposits, Binance said on Thursday. It, however, assured that the aforementioned category of people will be able to withdraw their funds adding that accounts linked to Russia holding less than 10,000 euros would remain active and be able to access the exchange’s full services.

Last month, Binance announced that cardholders of Russian banks subject to sanctions would not be able to use their cards on its platform and confirmed that individuals in the same category had had their access restricted.

This month, in what is a continuation of sanctions, the European Union is targeting digital wallets used to store, send, receive and spend cryptocurrencies. This is a part of its efforts to eradicate potential loopholes that could allow Russians to move money abroad.

Other global companies around the world have joined in the sanctions against Russia. A handful of these companies across tech, lifestyle, fashion, media, etc., have either halted their operations or services in Russia.

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