India’s Edtech Platform Byju Has Acquired GeoGebra, An Edtech Platform Based In Australia

On the heels of its last funding round in October where it raised $300 million, Byju has announced the acquisition of Australia-based edtech startup GeoGebra for $100 million. According to Byju, its latest acquisition GeoGebra will continue to operate as an independent unit within the BYJU’S group under the leadership of its Founder and Developer, Markus Hohenwarter.

Launched in 2015, Byju provides an online platform for effective learning. The company leverages technology to merge best practices like the use of videos, engaging content and quizzes with the best teachers so that every child across the globe has access to the best learning experiences. According to information on its website, every detail of a student’s journey is planned and executed at the deepest level with subject matter experts, teachers and tools like videos, interactive animations, and quizzes. Byju’s also prepares students pursuing undergraduate and graduate-level courses, and in recent years it has broadened its catalogue to serve all school-going students.

“The GeoGebra team has built a powerful and stimulating platform that complements BYJU’S mission of providing impactful learning for students. Designed to improve mathematical understanding, it offers significant features that provide interactive resources that adapt to every child’s style and pace of learning. At BYJU’S, with the help of innovative teaching and technology, we have been making Math fun, visual, and engaging. And with GeoGebra on board, we will continue to further enhance, reimagine and transform the way Math is taught and learned.Together with our combined strengths, we will have a wider reach and the best resources to build innovative and exciting next-generation learning formats”, Anita Kishore, Byju’s Chief Strategy Officer said on the acquisition of GeoGebra.

GeoGebra, according to Wikipedia, is an interactive geometry, algebra, statistics and calculus application, intended for learning and teaching mathematics and science from primary school to university level, and is available on mobile and PC across operating systems and on the web. GeoGebra has a community of more than a hundred million learners across 195 countries and its acquisition by Byju is a big win for the former.GeoGebra was founded in 2013 by Markus Hohenwarter, Michael Borcheds and Stephen Jull and from the onset, the company was founded with the goal of lasting a long time. “GeoGebra was born out of a passion to help students learn math in a visually appealing and engaging manner. Our shared passion for learning and teaching resonates with BYJU’S, making them a perfect partner for our onward journey. I am confident that this partnership will help millions of students learn mathematics in an interactive way, in turn making them overcome their fear of math and learn to master it”, Markus Hohenwarter, Founder and Developer of GeoGebra explained.

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