ByteDance Is Selling TikTok’s AI To Other Global Companies

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ny ByteDance is selling TikTok‘s AI technology to other companies through a recently launched division called BytePlus. Through BytePlus, ByteDance is selling parts of theArtificial Intelligence (AI) technology that powers TikTok’s recommendation algorithm to clients all over the world.

Companies that have taken a keen interest in the offer include USfashion app Goat, Singaporean travel company WeGo, Indonesian e-commerce startup Chilibeli, Singaporean social e-commerceplatform Webuy, and Indian social-gaming platform Gamesapp; despite TikTok being banned in India, over the issue of national security. Bytedance’s enterprise collaboration platform Lark, and TikTok, are also listed among BytePlus’ customers.

BytePlus offers customers the chance to access the recommendation algorithm and personalize it for their apps and customers. BytePlus also offers automated speech and text translation and real-time video effects as well as data analysis tools, according to its website. Inaddition to this, Byteplus offers AR features. This includes body motion SDK, which enables real-time detection of human bodies in images or videos.

TikTok explained in a blog post last year that recommendations are based on several factors including user interactions such as the videos users like or share, accounts users follow, comments userspost, and content users create. Recommendations are also based on video information like captions, sounds, and hashtags, as well as users’ device and account settings like language preference, country setting, and device type.

ByteDance is a consumer apps company. More so, it is a gamingcompany, an E-commerce company, an Ads giant, an EdTechcompany and an AI company. Currently, Bytedance seems to be standing at the forefront of digital transformation, and seems to be the next global gaming company that could become dominant as the years roll by. BytePlus the new arm of ByteDance takes a similar form with Volcengine, ByteDance Chinese-facing version of the business to business primary tech proposal.

By creating BytePlus, ByteDance provides an incredible opportunity for companies all over the world to adopt AI from the most innovative app company in the world. No doubt, TikTok’s recommendation algorithm contributes significantly to why the app is so popular. Other companies can now have their apps and websites personalized and powered by the best AI. So far, ByteDance has not commented on how the clients will get the tech assistance, as the company, and its staff is based in China.


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