Chinese Apps Risk Subpoenas Or Bans Under Biden’s Order, Sources Say

Some Chinese apps may be forced out of the market if they fail to implement measures to protect the private information of people in the U.S as a result of President Joe Biden’s executive order. The executive order aims at protecting the sensitive data of Americans. According to people who know about the issue, these Chinese apps risk being kicked out of the American market if they do not come up with new policies and tougher measures to safeguard the information of their American users.

The executive order aims to ensure that the private and sensitive information of Americans does not fall into the hands of the country’s adversaries like China and Russia. The executive order aims at keeping the personal and proprietary business information of Americans safe.

As part of the executive order, the U.S. Department of Commerce may issue subpoenas to collect information about smartphones, tablets, and computer software applications that it finds suspicious. According to sources, the U.S. Department of Commerce may negotiate conditions for the use of the aforementioned in the United States or these apps.

Joe Biden’s executive order replaced Donald Trump’s bans in 2020 against popular Chinese apps like TikTok and WeChat. These bans have since been rescinded by U.S. courts. Donald Trump’s cited the ability of these apps to track the location of U.S. employees, build dossiers of personal information for blackmail and corporate espionage, as the reason for banning these apps. Many U.S. officials still share these concerns too.

The new Biden executive order might be more ‘dangerous’ than the bans of the former President. This is because, while the new executive order has not mentioned the name of anybody, there is a huge possibility of it affecting more apps and technology companies than what can already be imagined or expected. Reuters first reported how the Biden administration planned on implementing this order and mentioned that it planned on seeking support from other countries.

The executive order may also affect already acquitted TikTok and WeChat. In other words, these companies may be reviewed.

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