Correcto Grabs $7M To Build Out Its ‘Grammarly For Spanish’

Madrid-based language writing tool startup, Correcto, has secured $7 million in seed funding, led by Octopus Ventures, with participation from Carya Venture Partners and River Park Ventures. Correcto aims to create a “Grammarly-style” auto-editing tool for correcting written Spanish.

The founders, who hail from Spain but spent time studying and working abroad, were inspired to create Correcto after using tools like Grammarly to enhance their English writing skills. The startup was founded in a bid to meet the needs of users by providing them with similar tools for Spanish speakers, while enhancing the quality of written Spanish, with a focus on grammar and style.

The company launched a Chrome extension to test demand and later introduced a freemium web app, gaining 120,000 downloads with 70,000 active users to date.

Correcto emphasizes on the relevance of its tool,  claiming that it offers higher-quality Spanish text corrections tailored to the professional business users that are it’s primary target market. The tool also facilitates individual learning through real-time auto-editing and user feedback, a unique difference from common LLMs (Language Learning Models) that produce fully corrected texts automatically.

In addition, through “augmented intelligence”, the company aims to preserve the personal touch and voice of users’ writing styles while boosting productivity. While large language models like ChatGPT can generate text in Spanish, Correcto believes that its tool provides more granular opportunities for human learning by offering real-time editing and feedback.

The startup has defined the majority of its target audience as Latin American Spanish speakers,  as well as places like Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, and the US as its top user bases.

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