Creators Can Now Receive Bitcoin Tips On Twitter

A new announcement from popular microblogging platform Twitter might be the best news creators on the platform might have been waiting for. On Thursday, Twitter announced that users of the platform will be able to give tips to their favorite creators using flagship cryptocurrency Twitter.

Twitter’s founder Jack Dorsey is a strong advocate of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and has been integrating cryptocurrencies across his various businesses. Bitcoin’s Twitter integration, therefore, comes as no surprise. In fact, it is an expected move that users might have been waiting earnestly for. Jack Dorsey’s tweets show how strong his love for Bitcoin is. In recent months, he revealed that he is trying his hands at mining Bitcoin, and according to him, he doesn’t think that there is any other thing that should take more focus than Bitcoin and its development.

Twitter’s tipping feature was first introduced as a test feature in May. The experiment was targeted towards creators; the idea was to create a feature that allowed them to earn money for their content from people who engage them. The feature is now available for rollout and Twitter has confirmed that the feature will be rolling out globally this week on iOS and in the imminent weeks for Android users.

The Tips feature has been operation for some time now, the only difference with what Twitter will be rolling out is the Bitcoin feature; being able to send tips in Bitcoin. Before now, tips were sent using traditional fiat currency through payment platforms like Square’s Cash App and Venmo. Twitter says it will integrate the Strike Bitcoin lightning wallet onto the platform. This will give creators the ability to add their Bitcoin wallet address and send or receive Bitcoin at will. It is pertinent to know that Twitter will not be getting any percentage of these tips and that the tips solely belong to creators.

The Bitcoin-Tips integration wasn’t the only announcement that Twitter had to make. The company revealed that it is running experiments on another feature that’ll allow users to authenticate and showcase their NFT digital assets on Twitter. This goes to show that Twitter and its founders are pro cryptocurrencies and NFTs. For now, there are not many details on how this will work but one thing is certain, it is another medium to support creators who make digital art.

The microblogging platform also announced plans to launch a creator fund for creators who specialize in hosting its audio rooms called Spaces. When launched, this fund could push more people to host their events using Twitter’s Spaces feature.

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