Cristiano Ronaldo’s First NFT Collection With Binance Is Coming This Friday

This Friday at 9 a.m. (UTC), the first NFT collection of football star Cristiano Ronaldo will be available as part of an exclusive multi-year partnership with Binance. The world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange announced the partnership with the football star earlier this year in June. The launch will be supported by a global marketing campaign that’ll feature Ronaldo; it will be the football icon’s way of introducing his fans to Web3 via NFTs.

According to Binance co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer He Yi, “We believe the metaverse and blockchain are the future of the internet. We are honoured to collaborate with Cristiano to help more people understand blockchain and showcase how we are building Web3 infrastructure for the sports and entertainment industry.”

In his statement, the football star said that “It was important to me that we created something memorable and unique for my fans as they are such a big part of my success. With Binance, I was able to make something that not only captures the passion of the game but rewards fans for all the years of support.”

The imminent NFT collection will feature seven animated statues with four rarity levels; Super Super Rare (SSR), Super Rare (SR), Rare (R), and Normal (N). Each statue shows the football star at iconic moments from his life. 

The 45 highest value CR7 NFTs (made up of 5 SSR and 40 SR) will be auctioned on Binance’s NFT marketplace. The auction will stay open for 24 hours and the NFTs will be awarded to the highest bidder. Bidding starts from 10,000 BUSD for the SSR NFTs and 1,700 BUSD for the SR NFTs. The remaining 6,600 NFTs (made up of 600 R and 6,000 N) will be offered on Binance starting at 77 BUSD for the Normal rarity. It is important to know that each rarity level comes with exclusive features. They include; personal messages from Cristiano Ronaldo, autographed CR7 & Binance merchandise, guaranteed access for all future CR7 NFT drops, complimentary CR7 Mystery Boxes, and entry into giveaways with signed merchandise and prizes.

Binance will also give new users who register and complete KYC a Cristiano Ronaldo Mystery Box. These boxes may include limited-edition Ronaldo NFTs. Only the first 1.5 million new users who sign up with referral ID “RONALDO” can get a Mystery Box. 

Binance US will also be providing US-based users with a free souvenir NFT for USD deposits made on the platform within the period of the promotion. This souvenir NFT will give users whitelist access to purchase future CR7 NFTs. 

Future CR7 NFT collections will be available early next year exclusively on Binance. 

To be a part of the promotion as a new or existing Binance user, click here

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