Discord’s Stage Channel Introduced As The Latest Clubhouse Rival

There is a new audio-only chatroom similar to Clubhouse in the market and this is Discord’s Stage Channel. According to the company, the new feature will be available on all platforms where Discord is available; platforms like Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows and on the web. Some users were able to view the Stage Channel on Discord earlier this month but were totally unable to use it.

Discord’s Stage Channel was announced by the company through a blogpost. Discord, through the post, announced that it is launching its Clubhouse rival through a new feature. According to the statement, the Stage Channel can only be used for only audio calls and is meant for larger audiences. Just like how it is on Clubhouse, there will be either a primary speaker or a number of primary speakers and the rest of the listeners can request to speak when there is a need for that. This service is, however, available only for Community servers that have some additional powers, compared to a regular server on Discord.

Discord’s new feature will be more than useful for interviews, book clubs, conventions, voice ask-me-anything, and for any type of meeting that requires the rest of the audience to focus on or listen to one speaker. Through this feature, it will be easier to manage an audience, as everyone has to wait their turn to speak. There is an option for users to request to speak by ‘raising their hands’.

Clubhouse started the whole audio-only chat feature. It was launched April last year and was an instant hit. Other major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn, Fireside, etc., are already working on or have released their Clubhouse rivals.  For example, Telegram has already launched its Clubhouse rival called Voice Chats 2.0, this allows users to carry out audio-only calls with unlimited participants. Telegram has always had a knack on taking what has already been done and improving on it. Clubhouse is only available on devices that run on iOS for now, although is is already working on launching its Android app according to what the CEO and founder; Paul Davison said.

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