Dropbox Plans To Add New Features To Its Basic Accounts

Dropbox is rolling out a new feature that the storage and file-sharing app is calling ‘Dropbox password’. The report says that Dropbox is adding this new feature to its Basic accounts starting next month. The password management feature is not entirely new; in fact it has been available in accounts of customers who subscribed to the storage app’s services. The feature was first introduced last year and now customer with Basic accounts will have access to this service with a 50-passwords limit.

This new feature will allow users with basic accounts be able to sync their passwords across three devices. According to what experts are saying, the new feature does not necessarily mean that more people would use the service, but is instead to spike the interest of users into getting accustomed to the feature. It can therefore be said that Dropbox does not have better plans for its Dropbox Passwords or with increasing storage.

Other cloud storage services like Apple, Google and Microsoft charge users for their cloud services once users exceed their basic cloud storage as specified by the aforementioned tech companies. Although the option of reducing the data already stored or not uploading any more data exists, cloud services do not make file-sharing easier. Many people argue that the addition of a free password manager may not really be of use, but others think that the reasons for Dropbox’ addition of a password manager  as a new feature for Basic accounts is best known and best explained by them. The rate at which online passwords are increasing is geometrical when juxtaposed with users’ ability to remember them. So, Dropbox’ new feature might at the end of the day be more than useful, even though it’ll make users be dependent on its services.

Dropbox is a cloud storage service or a file hosting service and is provided by American company Dropbox Inc. It was founded in 2007 by Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi. Its headquarters is in San Francisco, California. Some of the services offered by Dropbox include cloud storage, personal cloud, and client software and file synchronization.

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