Twitter Users Will Now Be Able To Edit Tweets Up To Five Times Within 30 Minutes Of Posting

Twitter recently announced the ability to edit tweets. The Parag Agrawal-led company announced that once the feature becomes available, users will have the ability to edit their tweets. The company specified that users will be able to edit their tweets up to five times within 30 minutes of posting.  

 Twitter says that it is currently observing how users use the new feature within the thirty minutes time frame. According to reports, Twitter may have placed a time limit on its new edit feature to stop users from abusing the feature. 

In late July, Twitter announced that it was raising the price of its subscription service Twitter Blue. It said that while new users will start to pay this new subscription fee with immediate effect, existing customers will start paying the new fee starting from October. The new price fees are applicable to the US and other countries like Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. While it was previously 4.49 AUD in Australia, Blue users now have to pay a new fee of 6.99 AUD. Canadian users will see the fee go from 3.49 CAD to 6.49 CAD and users in New Zealand will begin to pay 6.49 NZD from a former fee of NZD 4.49. Users in the US will pay $4.99 from $2.99 per month.

As expected, the feature will first be available to Twitter Blue users in New Zealand. Eventually, it will be rolled out to Blue users in Australia, Canada, and the US.

Although there are various opinions about how good or detrimental the edit feature will be on Twitter, no one can say for now if the feature would turn out to be an option for users to fix errors or a menace. Scrutiny around Twitter’s operations has tightened these past months. The company has been criticized for the way it handles its security practices, spam accounts detection, and child sexual abuse material detection. Experts opine that the new tool can be used to spread crypto scams and political misinformation.

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