Elon Musk May Join Other CEOs Who Have Resigned From Their Positions, Says He Wants To Become An Influencer

CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk has made a new revelation via a new tweet he made today. In his tweet, the CEO and controversial celebrity said he was pondering about quitting his jobs to become a celebrity influencer.

The revealing tweet read: “thinking of quitting my jobs and becoming an influencer full-time wdty?”

Musk is known for his controversial tweets life-changing decision-making polls and his advocacy for cryptocurrency. The billionaire has been in the news for various reasons from him being the world’s richest man to his electric cars and his “situationship” with Bitcoin.

Recently he had a poll that seemingly determined the fate of his Tesla stock, the CEO had put up a poll asking his fans and followers if he should sell Tesla stocks or not. The billionaire asked his more than 62 million Twitter followers to decide what to do with a chunk of his Tesla holdings. Out of his 62.5 million followers, 3,519,252 participated in the poll. While 42 percent voted ‘No’, 58 percent voted for ‘Yes’. The Twitter poll came with the caption “Much is made lately of unrealized gains being a means of tax avoidance, so I propose selling 10 percent of my Tesla stock”. Eventually, the CEO ended up selling a chunk of his shares worth $5 billion.

Recently, the trend has been CEOs retiring from their positions to follow their “passions”. The most recent CEO to do this is Jack Dorsey who recently resigned from his job as Twitter’s CEO to follow his passion for Bitcoin. The news came as quite a shocker as there had been no intimations about Jack stepping down and if there were, they were far from being major. Parag Agrawal took over from Jack Dorsey and is now leading Twitter.

There is a high chance that Elon Musk is not bluffing about quitting his jobs and no doubt that he’d make an interesting and controversial influencer.

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