Elon Musk Calls himself The “Ultimate Holder”, Says He Has Not And Will Not Sell Dogecoin

Dogefather, Technoking, and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX; Elon Musk is back with another tweet. The Tesla boss known for his controversial and market-crushing tweets, in a response to a tweet on Thursday said that “Yeah, I haven’t and won’t sell any Doge”, suggesting that he was the “ultimate holder” of Dogecoin.

Dogecoin, founded in 2013 by Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer as a joke, has seen some impressive growth. Elon Musk’s tweets and influence can take most, if not all of the credit for that. Elon Musk’s tweets have taken Dogecoin from “nothing” or the joke that it was designed to be to what it is today. Dogecoin is currently the fourth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, and no one can say they saw it coming.

With his tweet response, the Dogefather has openly announced that he has zero plans on selling his “Doge-babies” and will continue to be the Dogefather. Elon Musk-owned Tesla which formerly accepted Bitcoin as a means of exchange put a stop to that recently. Elon Musk revealed that the process of Bitcoin mining takes a huge strain on the environment, and as an environmentalist, it was best his company put a hold to accepting Bitcoin until more sustainable methods of mining appear. Many people were of the opinion that putting a stop to Bitcoin as a means of payment was just another one of his games.

Few hours before tweeting about putting a stop to Bitcion as a means of paying for Tesla vehicles, Elon Musk tweeted a poll asking his followers if Tesla should start accepting Dogecoin as a means of payment for its electric vehicles. Out of the almost four million people that responded, 78 percent voted for yes giving the idea that Tesla might really start to accept Dogecoin for its Vehicles.

Dogecoin has seen its own ups and downs but it still continues to break new ground, and Elon Musk still continues to ensure that his “Doge-babies” are well taken care of.

With his tweet response, Elon Musk vowed loyalty to Dogecoin. Elon Musk and his tweets will continue to be the major factor in Dogecoin’s rise.

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