Facing Criticism Over Its Ad Measurement, Facebook Is Rolling Out A New “Advanced Measurement” Tool To All Advertisers

Following backlash from advertisers over what they described as a skewed measurement tool, Facebook is now rolling out a service it calls “Advanced Measurement” to all advertisers which they say will provide them with better measurement of their ad campaigns.

The new tool which is opened to all advertisers and not just the big spenders can be used to know which platform in fact drove the most traffic to its site whether it is Facebook including any of its products like Instagram or Google.

Critics have long said Facebook’s measurement tool may not be as accurate and Facebook after looking inwards finally admitted that some of those claims were indeed true and as you might expect, this made calls for an independent third party measurement tool even louder.

But in a Business Insider interview, Facebook product marketing director for measurement Scott Shapiro said the company has made a serious effort to increase the amount of partnerships it has in place with third-party measurement firms. Advertisers using Advanced Measurement can also get access to attribution data from firms like comScore and Visual IQ, for example.

Shapiro said: “Our goal is not to [mark our own homework]. Our goal is to offer marketers the tools to make their own decisions. A lot of the measurement we do does not say Facebook is the best place [for your advertising campaigns]. Our goal is to be able to learn and improve what marketers are doing.”

The new tool can now be accessed by advertisers in the Business Manager section on Facebook and it based on technology from the Atlas ad server and measurement platform Facebook acquired from Microsoft in 2013.

The new tool works by using a tag to measure (effectively track) how users switch between websites and apps on their devices. By doing this, it can easily eliminate duplicates thereby providing a more accurate measurement to advertisers.

Accurate measurement is something advertisers cherish because it tells them just how their brand is performing and make marketing decisions to that effect.

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