Flipkart Reveals That 23,000 People Were Employed In The Past Three Months

Flipkart is India’s largest online marketplace for the sale and purchase of mobiles, clothes, shoes, electronics, books, furniture, home appliances, and anything that one could think of.

The e-commerce giant revealed on Tuesday that it employed at least 23,000 people across the country in various capacities across its supply chain since the past three months; between March and May. “The growing demand for e-commerce services across the country as people continue to remain indoors to fight the virus has necessitated a ramp-up of our supply chain, creating thousands of employment opportunities”, Hemant Badri; the company’s Senior Vice President of Supply Chain said.

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed businesses in the line of e-commerce to new heights as people have to stay at home to slow the spread of the virus. Many businesses in e-commerce and the internet industry have recorded new business milestones even with the raging pandemic still ongoing.

In a statement the company released, it stated that it was investing in training programs for its direct hires in the different aspects of the supply chain. The training programs are being done through a combination of small classroom and digital training methods. The company said that these pieces of training are targeted towards enhancing workers’ understanding of supply chain management, and announced that they are undertaken through mobile platforms like Hangout, Zoom, WhatsApp alongside the company’s Learning Management System.

The pandemic is still ongoing and no one can be sure when it will finally come to an end. The world is continually shifting towards internet-enabled options of going about daily activities including buying and selling. The importance of having the human resource to fit the demand, and training them can, therefore, not be overemphasized.

For companies like Flipkart, having a great supply chain that will meet the continually growing demand of customers is very important.

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