Google Unveiled The Android 12 Yesterday, Its Biggest Redesign Yet

Google unveiled it’s Android 12 yesterday at its I/O event. Hours before the event, Tipster Jon Prossner posted a video showing unconfirmed features of the Android 12. At the I/O event yesterday, Google revealed some of the features to expect from its the software.

Google revealed that its latest mobile operating system has been designed such that users’ phones will run faster while saving more battery. with the Android 12, Google has made a reduction in the CPU time required for core system services by up to 22 percent and also made a reduction in the use of these services by the system server by up to 15 percent.

The new mobile OS comes with a new Privacy Dashboard. This will give users a single look into all their permission settings. It also provided users with information about what data is being accessed, by which apps, and how often. Permission settings can also be easily modified from the new privacy dashboard.

Google has included a new indicator that will tell users when an app uses camera and microphone. The new indicator will appear at the top right corner of the status bar.

Controlling your Smart TV using your phone has been made easy with the Android 12 as it comes with a remote app.

The new operating system will save users the stress involved in sharing a WiFi connection with people that are nearby. With the latest Android flavour, users will be able to share connection to people nearby using a QR Code.

The one-handed mode on Android 12 has been designed to accommodate large phones better.

On Pixel phones, long-pressing the power button will now be used to activate Assistant. Other phone makers might adopt this system too.

As Jon Prossner mentioned, Android 12 will have a new UI design. The OS will give users’ phones a totally new look with the new Material You design that comes with new color options, title designs, animations, etc.

The Android flavour will give users the ability to control the amount of location information that is being shared. Users will be able to share only approximate location information if they choose to, instead of exact locations.

Android 12 has also been designed with Private Computer Core and will keep user’s audio and language processing information private and away from the network.

It is offering users more personalization and security options, and experts are of the opinion that Google is finally stepping up to Apple with its Android 12. The beta version of the Android 12 is already available on some selected Pixel phones.

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