Google, Apple, Walt Disney And Salesforce May Not Be Buying Twitter After all. Why Isn’t Amazon Though?

It looks like Google and Apple may not be interested in buying Twitter after all. But there’s likely to be a sale even as reports have it that Twitter has told potential acquirers to wait till the 27th of October which is the day it reports its third quarter earnings.  

Since we published a list of potential Twitter buyers, a lot has happened too like Twitter shares haven’t exactly been doing well. Its shares were down 15 percent on the news that Apple, Google and Walt Disney may not be interested in the deal. But that leaves one big name left on the list and that’s Microsoft. Well there’s also News Corp too but could Microsoft now be left with buying the micro bloggings site? That’s left to be seen but seeing as Google has its own social media headaches like Google Plus, Allo and Duo to worry about, Microsoft may consider buying Twitter to compete in this area with its rivals.

Salesforce was another name said to be considering it but they haven’t also come out clean with the CEO saying yesterday that there’s nothing off the table. Analysts believe his body language looked something like thanks but no thanks. Again we’ll have to see.

Be that as it may, why is Amazon not considering it or why are they not making it an open thing?

They have what it takes to buy Twitter. Amazon could do with Twitter what Microsoft would/could do with LinkedIn which it is in the process of acquiring for $26.2b. By this I mean, Microsoft could sell its robust cloud services to 450 million professionals from the tap of a button while Amazon could leverage on the over 310 million users to sell its products directly. Think about a time when brands on Twitter can do business directly with users without redirecting them to their Amazon accounts. So Twitter users will be able to by items, music, films and web services on Amazon directly. Nearly 70 percent of American companies are on Twitter and have also found Twitter to be the preferred method of connecting with fans and customers.

Amazon has not hidden its intentions to challenge the likes of Google in their comfort zone and maybe going social on a large scale could be a faster way. Through services like TV, drone delivery, Echo (its artificial intelligence based speaker), Cloud services among others, they are now major competitors to the likes of Apple and Google but many still see them as that site where you go an buy stuff and by many I mean outside the US.

They have what it takes even financially and like a US presidential candidate once asked, what the hell do you have to lose?

We hear anyone who wants to buy the site should be ready to part with about $20b.

Image: Talk Android

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