Google Announces New Chrome Update, Claims It’ll Use Lesser Memory

Google has announced a new version of its Chrome browser. The version is called M89 and according to the tech company, the new version is great and promises some great features.

Google revealed that Android devices that run on Android Q and on at least 8GB of RAM will have a Chrome update that is 64-bit binary and claims that while this will enable pages to load up to 8.5 percent faster, it will make scrolling 28 percent smoother. Another feature that will come with the new Chrome update is the ‘Freeze-dried Tabs’. This feature is designed such that Chrome on Android will start faster. This feature is more or less a saved version of tabs and will support zooming, scrolling and tapping on links, and have sizes close to that of a screenshot, and will run while the actual page works in the background to load pages faster.

The tech company claims that for devices that run on Windows, this new version can efficiently save memory as much as ’22 percent in the browser process, 8 percent in the renderer, and 3 percent in the CPU’. Google also made it known that the Chrome browser update has been equipped with more responsiveness as much as 9 percent, as the browser update has its own memory allocator called PartitionAlloc. Google revealed that the new version is very efficient at both using memory smartly and discarding it well. In a blogpost Google said that, ‘Chrome now reclaims up to 100MB per tab, which is more than 20 percent on some popular sites, by discarding memory that the foreground tab is not actively using, such as big images you’ve scrolled off screen. Chrome is also shrinking its memory footprint in background tabs on macOS, something we’ve been doing on other platforms for a while. We’re seeing up to 8 percent memory savings, which is more than 1GB in some cases!’

The new version of Chrome is expected to launch soon and promises to give users new and improved experiences.

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