Here’s How To Get Your iPad To Function Like A Laptop

The Apple iPad has the capability to function as a Laptop. With the right software enhancements and accessories your iPad could serve as a perfect replacement for your laptop.

To get your iPad to function like a Laptop, or as your primary computing device, there are a few things to put in place. The first is to get a mouse. The iPad could not serve as a laptop replacement before now because of its lack of mouse support. This is no longer the case as Apple’s latest iPadOS update gives the iPad external mouse and trackpad support. This gives the iPad a cursor similar to that of a PC. If you’re updated to the latest system software, iPadOS 14.4, or at least running iPadOS 13, you can finally use a mouse.

The second is to get a real keyboard. The Apple’s Magic Keyboard, which is the best Keyboard cover on the market, is compatible with the latest USB-C models. The keyboard has a solid build, and as a result, it feels flat or stays still when you place it on your lap. With the Apple’s Magic Keyboard, you get an amazing typing experience. There is also an additional USB-C for more convenient charging. You can also opt for third-party keyboards. Keyboards like Logitech’s backlit Combo Touch provided extra functionality. It adds a detachable keyboard and trackpad cover to the iPad, along with an adjustable kickstand akin to the Microsoft Surface.

The third thing to do is to get alternative go-to apps. Your iPad can do the same work as a laptop with the right go-to apps. The Opener app allows you to take advantage of the iOS share sheet. It is indicated by the box with an arrow sticking out of it. 1Password lets you access your protected online accounts on any device. The TextExpander apps creates saves you the time you’d rather use in typing repeated email responses, names, addresses, or forms, by creating shortcuts corresponding to their longer stored sentences and paragraphs. Apps like Todoist or Omnifocus helps you organize the task you want to accomplish. Google Docs, iA Writer, and Scrivener all offer different takes when it comes to writing, drafting, and organizing text.

Other things to do is managing your app windows properly, getting an iPad stand and connecting your iPad to a USB-C hub for more versatility.

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