Incoming Samsung Smartwatches May Feature WearOS Instead Of The Regular TizenOS

Samsung is expected to launch a new Galaxy Watch later this year. It is still uncertain whether it will be the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 or a next-generation Galaxy Watch Active, but a feature of the smartwatches might be a new OS. Rather than its own Tizen OS, Samsung may feature Google’s Wear OS for its smartwatches. Rumour has it that in 2021, the company may decide to launch its smartwatches with Android’s Wear OS. Ice Universe recently tweeted that, ‘Samsung’s new watch will use Android to replace Tizen’. This statement can be said to be credible as Ice Universe has a record of providing genuine leaks when it comes to the South Korean tech giant company.

Galaxy Club has also revealed new information about these new lines of Samsung’s smartwatches to be launched with Android Wear OS. According to the report by Galaxy club, Samsung will launch two smartwatches and will replace its own Tizen OS with Google’s Wear OS. The smartwatches will have the model numbers SM-R86x and SM-R87x.

Over the years, Samsung has not had a fixed pattern for its launch of its watches, but for the past three years, there has been a watch launched each year. In August 2018, Samsung launched the original Galaxy Watch. The following year, 2019, the company launched a Galaxy Watch Active and a Galaxy watch Active 2. The Galaxy Watch series happens to be a little bit cheaper than the standard Galaxy smartwatch series. In 2020, Galaxy Watch 3 was launched.

Wear OS is also used by smaller smartwatch designers like TicWatch, Fossil and Huawei. Devices running on Wear OS have a long history of lacking powerful processers and fitness features offered by Samsung’s Tizen OS and Apple’s watch OS. But it could be that Samsung is working with Google to improve Wear OS and bring it up to speed. This could just be this case and this will mean that the Samsung Galaxy watch would be the most relevant Wear OS smartwatch ever made. Additionally, Pixel smartphone users, who are anticipating a Google Pixel watch, might be persuaded to opt for the Samsung Galaxy watch, as the watch would be more appealing.

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