iPhone Users Will Enjoy These Features From The New iOS 14.6

Apple rolled out its iOS 14.5 not up to a month ago and has presented Apple users with yet another update that promises to wow them. The globally renowned tech company rolled out its iOS 14.6 update late last night and even though it is not different from the previous update by so much, the new update has some interesting new features for users to enjoy.

With the 14.6 iOS upgrade, users who use Apple’s Airtag device will be able to add an email address instead of a phone number when they lose it. Airtag will also show semi-hidden phone number of its owner when it is paired with an NFC-capable device.

The 14.6 iOS update promises to take music to another level. Although music features like Spatial audio, Dolby, Atmos support, lossless music, etc., will officially be available in June to iPhone users, the new iOS update will offer support for users who have the Apple music subscription active.

Identifying songs on iPhone with apps like Shazam just got better. With the new iOS update, apps like Shazam which could only be previously used as a toggle will now work as an App Clip. Users will therefore be able to get information about a song they are listening to through Shazam’s Clip App on their iPhone.

Another feature of the new update that users should look out for is their podcast subscriptions. With the new iOS 14.6, Apple’s podcast app will allow podcasts to offer paid subscriptions to users. Users also get to enjoy other features like episodes that are devoid of adverts and subscriber-only episodes.

Another interesting feature that the iOS 14.6 brings is support for Apple Family Card which will allow families to start a Family Sharing Group. This system will allow two people to share a single Apple Card, track purchases, manage spending, and build credit together. This feature is available to only users in the U.S.

Apple products are one of the best because of how user-centred their products are made to be. Apple products are also made to provide users with functions that can make day-to-day life activities easier.

The 14.6 iOS update will be available for iPhones that are newer than the iPhone 6 model.

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