iOS 14 Adoption Rate Now Over 90 Percent, Says Report

A new report by Mixpanel says that over 90 percent of iPhone users are using Apple’s latest iOS 14 software. Apple had earlier reported that 81 percent of its users were using the iOS 14 software on their iPhones. Of course, not all iPhones were used in this report as not all of Apple’s devices (especially older models) can be upgraded to the iOS 14 software. The report by Mixpanel put only the iPhones that were released within the last four years into consideration. The iOS 14 software was introduced in September last year and in less than a year over 90 percent of users with models that were released in the last four years already use the software.

Juxtaposing the figures of adoption of the latest software for Apple with that of Google’s Android, Apple’s counterpart is still far behind. Most Android users are still on the Android 10 software even though Android 11 was released last year. In fact, it is quite correct to say that the Android 11 isn’t as popular as the Android 10 software.

If everything goes according to plan, Apple should launch the iOS 15 software in June this year. The software will be introduced at the WWDC Developers conference. It will be very easy to get users to upgrade the iOS 15 software when it is eventually released because majority of iPhone users will already be using the iOS 14 software.

According to the Mixpanel’s report that says over 90 percent of iPhone users are using the iOS 14 software, 5.07 percent of iPhone users are still using iOS 13 and 4.5 percent using older versions of iOS.

Before Apple launched the iOS 14 software last year, 92 percent of iPhones were already running on iOS 13. Apple has always been ahead of Google in software upgrade. The major reason for this is that even after a new update has been announced by Google, Android users have to wait for it to be officially rolled out by their phone brand, and most of the time the average Android user does not upgrade their software.

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