iPhone 13 Security May Be Inspired By The Coronavirus May Feature Touch ID

The iPhone 13 should be one of the most anticipated Apple devices ever, not because of anything major but because people are hoping to see quite a handful of features that have been around on Android on the next iPhone series. Many of the rumors that have been surrounding Apple’s next iPhone include that the phone series might not be called the iPhone 13 due to the ominous meaning of the number in some cultures, that the series will have a smaller notch compared to its predecessors and most recently that the series will have an on-screen (or power button) Touch ID like many Android phones.

A recent report by GizChina said that the next iPhone series will have an on-screen fingerprint sensor. This is not the first report or rumor to say that Apple will be including the Touch ID feature on its next iPhone series. Gathering from all the reports and rumors that have been circulating, there is enough reason to believe that Apple is really going to include the Touch ID feature in the imminent series.

Apple stopped including the Touch ID feature on its phones since it adopted the ‘full screen’ design. The phones were designed to function with Face ID but this quickly became irrelevant after the coronavirus disease broke out in 2019. Everyone is required to wear a mask in public places as a way of stopping the spread of the disease. People considered it primitive having to take off their mask to be able to unlock their phones. As a solution, which people regard as temporary, quite expensive and advantageous to only Apple, the company released a feature that enabled iPhone users to be able to unlock their phones using their Apple smartwatches. This was not totally embraced because of the added condition of owning an Apple watch.

Many people are looking forward to having so many futuristic, purposeful and relevant features on the incoming iPhone series. The Touch ID is one of those features that users can’t wait to have again because it is easy to use and everyone deserves it. According to the GizChina report, the Touch ID feature will be on-screen and the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s design will be devoid of any orifices, which might be the start of a new design for iPhones that come after the 13 series. The next iPhones could therefore be truly COVID inspired!

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