Jack Dorsey Puts His First-Ever Tweet On Auction, Bidding At $2.5 million

CEO of the giant tech and social media company Twitter, Jack Dorsey has put up his first-ever tweet on sale via auction. The CEO is auctioning his first-ever tweet on an online site that sells tweets as non-fungible tokens.

Here are a few things to know about Jack’s tweets that is worth over $2 million dollars.

  • The tweet was made by the CEO in 2006.
  • The tweet is fifteen years old and was the CEO’s first-ever tweet.
  • The tweet received as high as $88,888.88 minutes after Jack Dorsey posted a link that leads to where it can be purchased.
  • The tweet is one of the most famous on Twitter
  • The tweet is a pioneer to the new trend of selling tweets

The name of the website where the Twitter CEO is auctioning his tweet is called ‘Valuables by Cent’. The website sells tweets as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Non-fungible tokens are special digital certificate that shows who owns a photo, video, or other forms of online media. The tweet that Jack Dorsey is selling reads, ‘just setting up my twtt’.

 ‘Valuables by Cent’ is an online ‘tweet marketplace where people can sell their tweets to other people. This online marketplace was launched about three month ago and is rapidly gaining attention.

On Friday 5th of March posted the link to where people could buy his first-ever tweet. Shockingly the tweet received offers as high as $88,888.88 within minutes of Jack’s announcement.

As at Saturday 6th of March, the bidding for Jack’s first-ever tweet has reached a whopping $2.5 million which is the equivalent of €2.1 million. This goes to validate the fact that there is a huge potential in selling virtual properties that are original and have been validated through blockchain technology.

The highest bid for the tweet came from the CEO of Bridge Oracle; Sina Estavi. He nodded the tweet for $2.5 million. The tweet also got a bid of $2 million from cryptocurrency pioneer; Justin Sun.

Whoever gets to be the final buyer of the tweet will be given a certified that will digitally be signed and verified by Jack himself. The buyer will also receive the metadata of the original tweet, as well as the time the tweet was posted and its content (which is already available to the public).

95 percent of the proceeds from the sale of the tweet will go to Jack Dorsey who is the original creator of the tweet. The website ‘Valuables by Cent’ will keep the remaining 5 percent.

The success of Jack’s tweet sale has led to more people currently bidding their tweet on ‘Valuables by Cent’.

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