Nigeria’s Konga Launches eCommerce Loyalty Program, Konga Prime

Nigerian online shop and e-commerce giant, Konga has revealed a new platform that will give back to its customers. The name of this new platform under the Konga’s umbrella is called Konga Prime. Konga Prime is an incentive-filled system where shoppers on Konga can enjoy offers that are exclusive to only them. For instance, shoppers who subscribe to the newly rolled out incentives would get unlimited free shipping, get information about offers before other shoppers, be notified about deals they can benefit from, get discounts and bonuses that other shoppers cannot get, etc. 

The company released the program on Monday, 1st of March 2021. To elaborate, Konga Prime is like a reward system for loyal customers. It is a great collection of exciting and useful benefits which will help shoppers save quite a lot of money. Shoppers who are members of the exclusive Konga Prime get free shipping for life; imagine the amount of money shoppers could save. Konga Prime also promises to deliver great value, faster deliveries for shoppers and is the first of its kind for online/retail shopping.

Konga Prime’s can therefore be described as a loyalty platform where customers can get rewarded for simply shopping. Customers who get on the loyalty plan will get complete access to Konga’s assets. Konga Prime is like a VIP pass that enables customers to enjoy these benefits and puts them ahead of every other customer. Konga Prime will enable customers to get discounts that make their shopping faster and cheaper for any kind of item.

The good news is that Konga Prime’s membership is available to everyone. It went live on the first of this month and the program is starting with Lagos and Abuja. Interested customers can sign up to become a member of Konga Prime by simply clicking here.

The company is currently offering as much as 50% discount for early birds. The prices for Konga Prime membership in Lagos is currently up for ₦1000 a month, instead of ₦2000, ₦2490 instead of ₦4950 for three months alongside a free seven-day free trial period. For customers in Abuja the monthly rate stands at ₦1290 instead of ₦2500 and ₦3490 instead of ₦6950 for three months. Other states are expected to get the rates for membership soon.

Konga Prime promises to be one that will deliver great value for members, according to the Konga Online’s  Vice President;  Kenny Oriola.

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