Lagos-based Kwik Delivery Announces A 400 Percent Increase In GMV For 2021, Hits 100,000 Customers

Lagos-based delivery service Kwik Delivery, nicknamed the Uber of deliveries has announced today that in 2021 its Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) and revenue for 2021 grew by 400 percent year-on-year. The company also announced that it has hit 100,000 business-to-business users. Kwik Delivery was founded in 2019 and was borne out of the need to provide businesses with delivery solutions and help them maximize their operations. 

According to founder and CEO Romain Poirot-Lellig, “2021 has seen explosive growth of our delivery service as merchants and businesses have shifted more and more of their distribution structures toward e-commerce platforms. Kwik is one of the few digital players able to propose access to end-to-end fulfilment and delivery services to its customers”.

He also added that “We believe this trend will create further growth for 2022 and beyond as businesses go digital and streamline their supply chains. We anticipate similar growth for fiscal 2022 as we expand our current verticals and launch new digital services, in particular, to help merchants go online and grow their business”.

In total, Kwik Delivery has raised $2.2 million, according to data from Crunchbase. In March last year, it raised $1.7 million and subsequently went on to sign renowned Nigerian footballer Austin Okocha and viral biker Fehintoluwa Okegbenle as ambassadors. According to the company’s CEO, they were both representations of the company’s values and would want the public to always be reminded of that.

“Kwik Delivery is a game-changer for businesses and merchants in Nigeria, especially those running their businesses online. It’s my pleasure to help Kwik raise its profile in Nigeria from today. To me, it’s like throwing a fish into the river”, Austin ‘Jay Jay’ Okocha said emphasizing that Kwik as a brand resonated with what he believed in as a person and a brand, back in August.

As of August, Kwik had over 100,000 downloads from Google Play Store and was serving more than seventy thousand businesses. The number, in its new announcement, has increased to 100,000. Kwik is one of the Nigerian startups that do not exist in a major category but is still making progress in its operations. It has also become quite a household name in Lagos, Nigeria. The company plans to expand to other Nigerian cities as well as become a brand that every Nigerian will recognize anywhere in the future.

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