Leigh Travers Has Been Appointed As Binance Australia’s CEO

The world’s largest cryptocurrency platform by daily trading volume – Binance has announced the appointment of Leigh Travers as the CEO of its Australia operations. The platform has been in a whirlwind with regulators from different countries for different reasons, and irrespective it has continued to forge ahead with its operations.

Before his announcement as CEO of Binance Australia, Leigh Travers was the CEO and Director of the Australian Securities Exchange-listed asset management company – DigitalX. He worked with the company for the past seven years and his responsibilities included designing company strategies as well as pushing the company towards unretarded growth. His appointment was made via a company blog post posted on its website and his appointment comes shortly after Richard Teng was appointed as the CEO of Binance Singapore. According to the information on Leigh Travers LinkedIn, he has “enjoyed a decade of building relationships in financial and technology markets through his experience at Fintech and Investment Advisory companies”. His bio also said that his “ability to secure buy-in from key stakeholders from within an organization, across an industry and from investors has led to exciting opportunities in the Fintech marketplace”.

Recently, Binance faced quite a lot of struggles with regulators across different countries, and its appointment of new CEOs may be its strategy of calming the troubled waters. Founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao, about a month ago said that he was willing to step down as CEO if he found someone who could do better. He made this statement as a result of the increasing troubles that the company was facing. The appointment of new CEOs, who are have experience with running a company such as Binance, can therefore be concluded as a strategic solution in dealing with its battles with regulators. Binance also recently hired Greg Monahan- a former US Treasury Criminal Investigator, as its new Global Money Laundering Reporting Officer as part of its “strategic solution”.

Leigh Travers, as CEO of Binance’s Australia operations, is expected to be a bridge between the company and the country’s regulators, helping it maintain a good relationship with regulators and ensuring that the company’s operations in Australia run smoothly. Commenting on his appointment, Sam Teoh – Binance’s COO in Australia said that “we’ve observed the work Leigh has done at DigitalX for a while now and we’re excited to work with him not just on Binance Australia’s continued growth, but widespread adoption of blockchain businesses and cryptocurrency in Australia at large.”

Apart from serving as a bridge between Binance and Australian regulators, Leigh Travers is also expected to restore the company’s dwindling reputation in Australia (which is also a drop in the ocean of its attempt at restoring its reputation in countries like the UK, Hong Kong, Malaysia, etc, where it has also battled with regulators).

Leigh Travers is pretty much excited about his new role at Binance and a statement from his said “from an industry perspective, I know we must continue to develop our relationships with regulatory bodies while reinforcing our company commitment to compliance and best practice. As the market leader in the digital asset space, we have a responsibility to be involved in helping to shape the growth of our industry and this means prioritizing engagement and conversations with policymakers and regulators.”

With his new role at Binance, Leigh Travers is expected to contribute to the collective effort of restoring Binance’s lost glory and consolidating its position in the market.

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