Gaming Startup Lepricon Seeks To Drive Mass Adoption Of Blockchain

Non-fungible token (NFT) and cryptocurrencies are gaining so much grounds but according to the Founder and CEO of gaming company Lepricon; Joshua Galloway, while the token industry and decentralized finance are booming, they still are not penetrating the mainstream market as they should. According to him, ‘People need to hear about blockchain as it relates to an activity that means something to them. For example, Gamers understand in-game currencies, in-app purchases, and special game items and power-ups. If these are delivered on-chain, they become tokens, swaps, and NFTs’. The Founder and CEO hammered on the need for next-generation token-financed companies to begin to make strategies and pragmatic plans that will influence real-life activities and create a fusion of these activities with blockchain technology.

Lepricon is a new gaming platform and will specialize in hyper-casual prediction games. Lepricon will provide an array of games that are both easy and fast to play. The company will launch its first game called KQJ by the end of March. KQJ is one of the many games on the platform that will enable players to acquire discounted Bitcoin with a series of win. The company also plans to put out a game called BitPool by the next quarter and with this game players win or lose by predicting if the price of Bitcoin will increase or decrease by the next 60 seconds. FansPredict is another game the platform plans to launch; this is targeted at enabling people place stakes on real-world events and e-sports.

Apart from being a gaming platform, Lepricon provides DeFi features like Staking, yield farming, and swapping with additional tokens. The most common Lepricon operating token is L3P. According to Lepricon’s Founder and CEO, he founded the company because, ‘I’m originally from the games industry, where I spent twenty-five years working on AAA titles, mobile and social casino games. I moved into crypto as a VP for a blockchain-focused VC. I could see that gaming and blockchain would eventually collide, creating a total disruption for the gaming industry and a massive on-ramp for the blockchain industry’.

The Founder and CEO also revealed that the company has plans with NFTs and that NFTs will fully saturate the Lepricon ecosystem. Lepricon is pushing for an integration of the blockchain technology into the gaming world. The company wants community-driven and player-owned gaming economies in the future.

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