Korean Tech Company, LG Quits The Smartphone Business

Best known for their home appliances, LG has reportedly taken a permanent pause from the smartphone business. This news has caused a lot of worry, especially for people who recently acquired an LG mobile device. The company is reportedly leaving the smartphone business because it has failed at establishing its brand in the smartphone business. When compared to brands like Samsung, which is another brand from the same roots; South Korea, LG has really not been a great player in the mobile market. It wouldn’t even make it to the list of the top five most wanted smartphone brands. Smartphone brands currently leading the global market include Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi and Oppo.

A lot of LG users, most especially those who recently bought an LG mobile device are confused as to what happens to their devices in terms of software upgrade, warranties and basically everything related to mobile devices. LG users have been in frenzy but the company has come out to answer some of the worrisome questions that users have been troubled with.

First, LG has made it known that its announcement to quit the smartphone business does not mean all the stock with vendors will go to waste or its products are out of the market. The company says that all stock with its vendors can still be bought. The company has also promised that these phones already in the market will be provided with software and operating systems upgrade in accordance with relevant regulations. The company has also promised after-sale services too. LG says that LG TONE Free and its wireless Bluetooth speakers will still be produced and sole even after all its existing products in the market has gone out of stock. The South Korean company also specified that it will continue to do its best to provide satisfactory after-sale services and repair parts as part of relevant regulations. LG users can therefore still purchase phone accessories like charger, battery, power cable, headsets, etc., through purchase channels that they have been using.

LG says that “the Android 11 OS upgrade is currently in progress for selected models, and the Android 12 OS upgrade will be rolled out based on the same criteria and process”. This is prone to change because of Google’s OS distribution schedule. LG users can always contact their local customer service centre for information about OS upgrades.

For its applications and apps, LG says that while some will be terminated, other apps and services will “continue to be available and updated in line with the current policies”. LG promises to inform users about any change and update. The company also said that server and account- based services will only be available for the maintenance period and updates for apps by the company and its business partners will be provided.

LG says that the personal information of its users will be completely erased after the end of the retention period according to privacy terms and policies.

What do you think about LG leaving the mobile devices business?

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