Messenger Adds QR-Codes For Person-to-Person Payments In The U.S.

In-app payments are becoming a thing with numerous apps adding features that enable users send and receive money while using their favourite social media platforms. Few months ago, Facebook confirmed that it was working on enabling person-to-person payment using Messenger, and confirmed that this feature will be similar to the QR codes payment system on digital platform Venmo.

Yesterday, Facebook announced that these codes are launching for Messenger users in the U.S and that the platform would allow anyone in the U.S. to send and receive money using the platform’s Facebook Pay. Now, one would think that this feature is limited to people who are friends on Facebook but it doesn’t work that way. Even if people are not Facebook friends, they can still send and request for money.

The QR code-based payment system works almost exactly like how QR code payment works on other platforms.

This innovative feature can be accessed by users by simply tapping on their profile icon at the top left of their screens and selecting Facebook Pay. After clicking, users will see their QR code displayed on their screens which is similar to any other QR code on any other platform. The only difference is that users’ profile icon will be displayed in the middle of their QR codes. Users’ personal Facebook Pay UR which is in the format of “http://m.me/pay/UserName” will be displayed underneath. This can be copied and shared to others when requesting for money.

Facebook has confirmed that no third-party app is needed for this newly introduced system to work. Facebook said that the QR codes will function for users who are located in the U.S. and that no separate app or any form of contact entry or upload process is needed to get started.

The terms and conditions for using the service include that users must be at least eighteen years of age and must possess either a Visa or MasterCard debit card or a PayPal account. Users who have one of the supported prepaid cards or government-issued card will also be able to use the feature. Users will also need to make sure that their preferred currency is set to U.S. dollars within the app.

This feature or a similar feature is expected to launch soon on Facebook-owned WhatsApp as the company has confirmed that it is working on a UPI payments feature for WhatsApp with which users will be able to send and receive money using the app.

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