We Are Learning More About The Features Coming To Android 12

Google recently announced that its Android 12 is on the way and would soon be released. While we wait, the first Developer preview of the much-anticipated Android 12 is available already. This gives users a slice out of the pie, an idea of what to expect. With this update, Google has joined Apple in the train of providing more privacy control/security and transparent to its users. For now, only a few phones can support the first Developer Preview of the incoming Android 12; phones like Google’s Pixel 3 series, Pixel 3a series, Pixel 4 and 4a series, and Pixel 5, here are what to look forward to while we wait for the update to be available to everyone.

Google has designed Android 12 in such a way that heavy apps would be able to run more efficiently. To improve the performance of especially heavy apps in gaming and social media, Google will block foreground service from the background of apps. This will enable apps run smoother and more efficiently.

The Android 12 will see more gesture support. Google will provide users with better gesture navigation so that it’ll be easier to use your phone while reading, viewing pictures or playing games. Google specified that, ‘We’re still protecting apps from accidental gestures when in full-screen experiences related to gaming, but in all other full-screen or immersive experiences (e.g., video viewers, reading, photo gallery), for apps targeting the new platform, we’re changing the default to allow users to navigate their phone with one swipe’.

Google is including compatible media transcoding to support HEVC. What this means is that apps that do not support HEVC will have the OS automatically transcode the file into AVC. This way your phone can shoot high quality videos and use only little space.

For pictures, Google says Android 12 will support AV1 file format (AV1f) and claims that this would improve the quality of images with the same file size when compared to other file formats like JPEG.

Google says with Android 12, apps can give users audio coupled with haptic feedback through their phone’s vibrator. Therefore, music and gaming experience of users should improve with Android 12’s haptic-coupled audio effect. ‘For example, a video calling app would use custom ringtones to identify the caller through haptic feedback, or could simulate rough terrain in a racing game’, the tech company said.

Android 12 will have a new design for app icons, notifications will open faster as well as apps.

With Android 12, Google will be providing more updates through Google Play. This way, Google can tackle major software issues by providing small updates through Google Play instead of providing a full system update.

Google is ensuring that Android 12 works better and efficiently on TVs, foldable phones and tablets. All the aforementioned devices have been put into consideration and Android 12 has been tailored to meet the needs of these devices.

The last but not the least is security. Google is including new privacy and security features in the final release of Android 12 to ensure that user information is secure.

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