Here’s Everything To Know About The Latest Android 12 As We All Wait

The Android 12 was unveiled at Google’s recently concluded developer event. The operating system promises to bring a completely different experience for users; it is being described as a complete overhaul.

While users anticipate the operating system, here is everything that needs to be known about the operating system:

  • When released, the mobile operating system will be the twelfth major release as well as the nineteenth version of Android developed by Google. The beta version of the operating system was released earlier this month on the eighteenth.
  • The OS will bring a whole new outlook to Android. Google is bringing an improved user interface with the Android 12. The operating system will operate on a material design called “Material You”. This brings more personalization and options for users. The Android 12 operating system promises to be a whole new experience for users as it is packed with fun features with which users can use to make Android their own.
  • The Android 12 has been designed such that users’ phones will run faster while saving more battery. This is possible because CPU time has been reduced by 22 percent, and this means that everything in Android will run faster. With Android 12, users can really know no limit.
  • Another interesting feature about this operating system is Quick Settings. In Android 12, Quick Settings has been redesigned to accommodate Home Controls and Google Pay.
  • With the Android 12, Google is very particular with the privacy of user. The operating system comes with a new Privacy Dashboard that will give users a single look into all their permission settings and provide users with information about what data is being accessed, by which apps, and how often.
  • The Android 12 beta version can be run on some select Google Pixel phone.
  • A global rollout for the operating system is not expected until September this year.

The Google operating system has many other features that users will instantly fall in love with and it is evident that the latest Android flavour has been designed with users in mind.

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