Apple Is Reportedly Working On A New iPad That Can Charge Wirelessly

According to a recent Bloomberg report, Apple is working on a new iPad Pro that will be able to charge wirelessly, just like its latest models of iPhones. The same Bloomberg report mentioned that the tech giant has also been working on bringing new designs and features to the iPad mini. For the past six years, the iPad mini has not seen a significant upgrade or a new design, and Apple might finally be working to change that.

The new iPad Pro equipped with wireless charging could be unveiled next year while there is a huge possibility that a revamped iPad mini could be launched this year, according to the report. The imminent iPad Pro will most likely have a glass back instead of the aluminium back that users are used to. The reason for this is so that the device will be able to accommodate wireless charging perfectly but a glass back may leave the device susceptible to breaking, and for now no one is sure how Apple plans to pull it off. The iPad mini, on the other hand may have a fresh new design that completely ditches the home button and comes with narrower bezels. According to the Bloomberg report, the iPad mini is expected to have an 8.4-inch display and be powered by Apple’s M1 chip.

The claims by Bloomberg also align with an earlier speculation of tech analyst Ming Chi Kuo. He had earlier mentioned that Apple was going to unveil its sixth generation of the iPad mini in the second half of this year and that it was going to be a breath of fresh air, as the iPad mini that Apple plans on releasing was going to have serious upgrades.

During its Spring Loaded event, Apple failed to make any mention of the iPad mini. The company focused only on its new iPad Pro and iMacs that were powered by its M1 chip. As a result of this, there were speculations that Apple was going to launch the sixth generation of its iPad mini in a separate event by the first half of 2021. Ming Chi Kuo crushed these rumours and mentioned that the launch of the sixth generation of Apple’s iPad mini will happen in the second half of 2021.

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