The Next Generation Of iPhones May Be Unhackable If Apple’s Plans Scale Through

Apple is changing its code security system running on iOS. This improvement, or enhancement, will make it harder for hackers to break into the iPhone in the nearest future.

According to a report by Vice, the company will carry out this change to make hackers attempts abortive making use of a technique called zero-click. With the zero-click technique, a hacker can take over an iPhone without interacting with the target, like having to send a malicious link. Since there is no such link sent, these attacks are said to be harder to detect.

Reportedly, Apple has made this change in the beta version of iOS 14.5. The official deployment of the iOS version, with this new security in place, is still some days away. The beta version of iOS 14.5. already has this change and this may mean that the rollout of the iOS version won’t take long to arrive in the final release.

Regarding Apple’s Platform Security Guide, the Cupertino-based tech giant, since 2018, has been using a technology called Pointer Authentication Codes (PAC) to prevent hackers from using malicious codes and making use of the corrupted memory to their own ends. The technology has reportedly only recently been introduced for the ISA pointers (of the iOS code). Earlier the pointers were not protected with PAC.

The PAC technology makes authentication and validation of the ISA pointers (a feature of iOS code) a must before they can be used, and this is reported to only make it more difficult for perpetrators to break into the defences of the iPhone.

Also, prior the newly announced change, Apple had recently revealed that a new security feature has been added to tackle the issue of hackers hacking into its devices that rely on iMessage. The new Apple’s security feature is called ‘BlastDoor’. It works by processing incoming iMessage traffic and only sends safe data to the rest of the Apple’s iPhone’s operating system. While BlastDoor is mostly not seen by users, it is very much present on iOS 14 which is the most recent of Apple’s operating systems for its devices.

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