Nigeria Needs To Invest More In The Digital Economy To Boost The Overall Economy

When the topic of Nigeria’s economy is raised, the first thing that comes to your mind and the minds of throngs of people is oil and gas. This is because the oil and gas sector takes the biggest share on the chart when it comes to GDP. Nigeria has been on the topic of diversification for a long time now and while this can be achieved in quite a number of ways, the digital economy of Nigeria if invested upon can become the nation’s turning point.

Experts say that as at now, the Nigerian digital economy has only unlocked one-tenth of its full potential. To reach its peak, there is need to make strategic improvements and investment that will in the long run bring about a sustainable and transformative digital economy that can boost the total economy of the nation.

Improvements in areas such as digital financial services, digital connectivity, skills and related areas would unleash the nation into its full potential thus reducing unemployment figures by creating jobs in the economy. We live in an age where digitalization not only rocks but is also as important as oxygen. Nigeria has one of the largest populations of young people and talents in the whole of Africa. Investing in these young minds, creating an enabling digital environment and equipping them with the resources needed to maximize their potentials will lead to transformational changes across the various sectors of the country and as a nation.

Although faced by an avalanche of challenges, Nigeria’s digital economy has recorded some successes. If given a favourable environment and supportive policies, the digital economy of Nigeria would become a major change maker in the nation’s economy as a whole.

We live in the 21st century where everything has gone digital, from communication, to payment, you name it! Investment in the digital economy as we have it by improving digital infrastructures, giving more strength to already existing digital platforms, increasing the access to digital financial services, improvements of policies and environment for digital entrepreneurs/investors, etc., will not only skyrocket Nigeria’s digital economy to its full potential but will transform the whole economy into a digital one befitting of the times we live in.

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