Not Too Long After Elon Musk Warned Of Job Cuts, Tesla Lets Go Of Singapore Country Manager

Former Tesla Country Manager For Singapore Christopher Bousigues (Left) and CEO of Tesla Elon Musk (Right)

Earlier this month, CEO of Tesla Elon Musk announced that the company was cutting down ten percent of jobs saying that he had a “super bad feeling” about the economy. Truly, it’s been quite tough for businesses as they have to deal with macroeconomic challenges among other setbacks. Apart from Tesla, other companies have also announced plans to pause the hiring of new talents.

Not too long after the job cut announcement went around, Tesla has laid off its country manager for Singapore. As seen via a LinkedIn post he shared on Sunday, former country manager Christopher Bousigues announced that his role at Tesla had been terminated.

As seen from his LinkedIn profile, Christopher Bousigues was country manager for Singapore for just a little over a year. While he didn’t give any specific reason for being laid off, he cited Tesla’s decision to cut jobs. “Tesla announced a 10% of workforce reduction. My role was chosen to be eliminated as of today. Am proud to have been the company’s first country manager in South East Asia, and establishing the business in Singapore,” his post read.

In the letter CEO Elon Musk sent out to employees intimating them about the job cuts, he said that “we have become overstaffed in many areas.” As of 2021, the number of people Tesla employed stood at almost a hundred thousand.

“In the past year, the team and I built the business from the ground up, made of the Model 3 a common sight in the Singapore car landscape, set up 2 showrooms, 1 service center (that I affectionately call the Jewel of Asia), developed a network of 7 superchargers across the island, and successfully launched Model Y yesterday with overwhelming response,” Christopher Bousigues added highlighting his achievement at Tesla.

“Since I relocated to Singapore strictly for this role, a move back to Europe and Southern France is most likely in the cards for my family and I. See you all after a well-deserved summer break,” he added to his post.

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