Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo, And Poco Extend Warranty On Their Smartphones

As a result of the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic, Phone makers Oppo, Xiaomi, Vivo and Poco have extended warranty on their smartphones in India. Presently, the country is dealing with a second wave of COVID 19, and lockdowns have been imposed by the state governments to control the outbreak. This announcement extends the smartphones validity, and is only applicable to products whose warranty expires during the lockdown period.

Following the directives of the Government, service centres that will remain closed. The extension of warranty will ensure that users don’t have to worry about warranty expiry. So if a user’s device develops any hardware trouble during the lockdown, they will still be able to get it fixed, even though not immediately.

In order to help the customers during this new lockdown, Oppo has announced the extension of the repair warranty of all of its products until June 30 2021. The scheme is applicable across product categories including smartphones and accessories such as chargers, data cable, and earphones. Oppo is offering remote support to its customers with the help of an AI-powered chatbot called ‘Ollie’. Users can also access to human chat support at whatever time they please. Along with this, Users can connect with OPPO online teams for any further queries or basic troubleshooting and software-related issues via Facebook and Twitter. Oppo has also introduced a WhatsApp number where customers can check status of the operations in real time as service centres remain closed.

Xiaomi has extended warranty for its smartphones by two months. This will apply for all phones and other Xiaomi products which had their warranties expiring in May or June 2021. There is no extension for users whose phones’ warranty already expired.

Vivo has extended its warranty period by 30 days in all lockdown-imposed areas. The extension is calculated from the day when the service centre resumes business. According to the company, this policy will address concerns of all those who cannot visit a service centre to avail service due to lockdown. It has also announced a free-of-cost handset pick-and-drop service for customers depending upon the current situation of the state.

Poco has also announced a warranty extension for two months. This applies to everyone whose warranty expires in the month of May or June, 2021.

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