Panasonic Launches Artificial Intelligence Enabled Home Appliances

Expert at making home appliances, Panasonic has decided to take their appliances to a whole new level by enabling them with Artificial Intelligence. Since Artificial Intelligence appeared, it has found its way into everything and its usefulness in home appliances is about to be shown through Panasonic’s range of IoT and AI-enabled Connected Living Platform called MirAIe. The company revealed that it is expanding its IoT and AI-enabled living platform and have launched a connected Refrigerator, Wi-Fi Fan, Washing Machine, ROMA Smart Digital Switches and Smart Wi-Fi Controller plugs and switches on the MirAIe platform.

The company also revealed that its new range of MirAIe appliance will be available by next week in its brand shops, online platforms and verified retail outlets. What is so interesting about the MirAIe appliances and what makes them so special? This of course is one of the many questions running through your mind right now. The company said users will have a new experience with the new MirAIe range than what they are used to. The new range of appliances is equipped with enthralling advanced features. These features can be controlled by the MirAIe’s app and include; Notification alerts of wash cycle, weather conditions and the ability to set a customized wash program as favourite, Diagnosis mode in refrigerator that allows users to get updates on the refrigerator door, freezer door, ambient temperature and power supply, Making existing switches Wi-Fi enabled via smart Wi-Fi controller, Manage switches across all rooms, etc. With Panasonic’s new range of home appliances, consumers have been given the power to be able to operate, manage and monitor their home appliances from anywhere with an easy-to use MirAIe App.

While speaking at the launch, the company’s President and CEO for India and South Asia; Manish Sharma said, “The consumer durable industry is at the cusp of a massive technological revolution due to the pandemic that has pushed the adoption of IoT enabled appliances faster. The concept of ‘home as the new hub’ is here to stay, compelling consumers to upgrade their living spaces to ensure comfort and safety. And the expansion of MirAIe is a testament to our commitment to providing smart capabilities aligned to the evolved aspirations of our consumers. We are looking to democratize technology and with MirAIe, we aim to bring down the total cost of ownership as the platform sends users regular notifications for servicing requirements driving optimum output and efficient performance over time”.

Another beautiful thing about using the MirAIe App apart from the ability and ease of being in touch with your home appliances is the fact that consumers will be able to manage their e-warranties and keep in touch with notifications about service requests, and be able to operate their home appliances using in-app voice assistants.

The company has also provided a version of the MirAIe app that can be used for Smart Android TVs. It has also been provided in quite a variety of languages and the company promises to keep updating the languages.

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