Boost Productivity With A Free Password Manager For Windows

The average internet user has almost a hundred online accounts, and all of them need their own set of login credentials to ensure maximum security of your information. This is for certain one of the major reasons why so many people have developed poor password habits. For the sake of convenience, a lot of people reuse the same passwords and answers to secret questions for all their online accounts. With password overload being a real problem, it is easier than ever to end up leaving your accounts vulnerable. After all, when you use the same set of login credentials on all your online accounts, you end up with many single points of failure that could give an attacker access to everything. Thus, reusing passwords should be avoided, as should choosing ones that are easy to remember and, as a consequence, easier for attackers to guess or crack with a brute-force hack.

Cyclonis Password Manager for Windows provides a safe and simple solution for overcoming the problem of password overload without leaving you open to a greater risk of a security breach. Almost every computer user knows the annoyance of forgetting about their login details, especially if they are accessing an account that has been dormant for some time. Moreover, if you enter the wrong login information too many times, you may get locked out of the account, which can be a serious problem for everyday things like online bank accounts or email accounts. Sometimes, you can be locked out permanently if you enter the wrong password details. This is commonly the case with cryptocurrency wallets, which are not mediated by any third party organization. As such, losing access to the account can mean permanently losing your money too!

These are some of the problems that Cyclonis Password Manager for Windows can help solve. It is a completely free password manager that stores all your passwords and login information in a secure encrypted repository. That way, you can log in instantly to all your online accounts using a single master password, whiling having a completely different set of login details for everyone online account. This is effectively the same as consolidating all your accounts and login information into a single account – and it is much easier to look after one account than dozens of different ones. With unified single sign-on (SSO), you no longer have to remember multiple sets of login credentials. This also helps promote better information security habits, both at home and in the workplace. With the free password manager for Windows, you can even synchronize your passwords across devices.

Using a password manager for Windows will help boost online productivity without compromising on security and privacy. Cyclonis Password Manager even goes a step further to automate the completion of online forms. For example, commonly entered information like addresses and phone numbers can be automatically applied to delivery and purchase forms when you are buying online. All your form and password data is stored in a 256-bit password vault, and you can add support to popular browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Edge, and Safari using a simple plugin.

Download the free password manager for Windows version 

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