Patricia.com Announces Glover Exchange As New Entity For Non-crypto Operations

One of Nigeria’s biggest crypto platform, Patricia Technologies has announced that Glover Exchange will henceforth be responsible for all her activities that do not relate to cryptocurrency. Apart from being a crypto platform, Patricia Technologies offered a host of other services but this will no longer be available on her platform but will be on the Glover Exchange platform.

Last month, Nigeria’s Central Bank issued a circular that banned the use of cryptocurrency in the country. This meant that individuals were banned from using cryptocurrency and businesses that operated in cryptocurrency were more or less kicked out of the business. The Central Bank directed that all accounts that operated in cryptocurrency be closed immediately. Patricia Technology was greatly affected by this CBN directive. The platform is primarily a crypto platform and patronage of its other products and services were greatly dependent on patronage on the platform’s cryptocurrency services.

Patricia Technologies announced Glover Exchange as the new entity that would be responsible for its operations of services relating to Gift cards, Airtime2Cash, refill services/ bill payment, etc. The company had to make this shift to beat the challenges created by the ban. According to the company, Glover Exchange will focus on the need of Patricia’s non-crypto customers and enable them carry out activities without any restriction.

Glover Exchange will therefore house Patricia’s services of proving products and services like Gift cards, Airtime2Cash, refill services/ bill payment, etc. The company revealed that innovation is the driving force of everything it does and that it is working on series of solutions that are aimed at making the experiences of customers easy and free from stress.

Glover Exchange was officially launched on the 19th of this month and all the already mentioned products and services were moved into the platform. Existing users on Patricia.com do not need to create new accounts on Glover Exchange. This is because Patricia.com has transferred the database of existing customers into Glover Exchange’s database.

In a press release on the 19th of March, by the CEO of Patricia.com; Fejiro Hanu Agbodje while addressing the impact of the CBN ban on the company said, “We are standing by our brand promise to constantly do the most and innovate in directions of our users’ needs. Decentralizing Glover from Patricia will ease the current strain our users are experiencing and allow for unhindered transactions to our Nigerian and Ghanaian users”

Patricia.com promises its users that with Glover Exchange, there will be no change in its customer-based policies; instead, the new platform will continue to be improved upon and bring about an innovative experience for users.

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