Google Pixel 6 And Next Set Of Chromebooks To Run On In-house Designed Chip

According to 9to5google, Google’s next flagship phone for this year, the Pixel 6, will run on its own chip. Specifically, the report from 9to5google said that “Google’s upcoming phones for this fall, including the presumed Pixel 6, will be among the first devices to run on the ‘GS101’ Whitechapel chip”. According to this report, the new chip to be used on Google’s Pixel 6 is codenamed Whitechapel. The GS is presumed to stand for Google Silicon. This chip is custom-made by Google and this will be the first time the company is using an in-house designed System on Chip (SoCs) for its device.

Google is therefore going the iPhone way. This is because Apple’s iPhone run on the company’s own A-series Bionic chipsets. Apple also recently announced that it will be producing its chip for its MacBooks; that it will no longer be partnering with Intel for its chips.

The first time anything about Google’s Systems on a chip (SoCs) made wave was 2020. At that time the news about Google’s Systems on a chip (SoCs) was still rumors and it was reported that the company was partnering with Samsung to develop its own SoCs. What this therefore means is that, Google chips should share some similarities with Samsung Exynos, including software components.

The report by 9to5google also mentioned that the first phones to be built on the new Whitechapel chipset will be ‘Raven’ and ‘Oriole’, and these are codenames for two Pixel phones that are already in development and are said to be models under the Pixel 6 series.

Reports say that Google’s Whitechapel may be Apple-inspired. Apple iPhones and generally devices are one of the best on a global scale. Apple devices run on its own operating systems and most of the components for its devices are produced by the company.

According to the report by 9to5google, the Whitechapel chip will also be used in Google’s next set of Chromebook laptops.

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